Our Bathroom Services for Denver Residents

Bathroom Remodeling

At Mr. Dino’s Baths, we can handle any type of bathroom renovations that you need assistance with. We offer services in shower base installations, Safeway Steps and even complete bathroom remodeling. Our family owned business has been specializing in bathroom renovations since 1960, offering customers quality service at affordable rates. We have worked with numerous customers to create their envisioned bath design. If you are interested in renovating your outdated bathroom, shower or tub, Mr. Dino’s Baths can help! We aim to provide quick and efficient service so you can start enjoying your new bathroom as soon as possible. Don’t wait any longer to take care of those grungy walls, leaky faucets or outdated tiles. If you would like discuss a bath or shower project for your home, we offer free estimates over the phone. Call us today and we will work around your specific needs and requests.


Whether your bathroom just needs some minor updating or it is stuck in the1940s, we can help. We have a great stock of quality accessories that can turn your bath or shower area into a modern masterpiece. From soap dishes to faucets, Mr. Dino’s offers excellent products. We have all of the shower shelves, grab bars, window trims, and moldings that you will need to complete your vision.


Mr. Dino’s can provide customers with several different types of bathtubs to accommodate their home and budget. Whether you are looking for a high-quality standard size tub or need a more advanced jetted hydrotherapy unit, we have it. Rest assured that we carry all makes and brands, offering you a wide selection of quality units.

Complete Bathroom Remodel

If it’s time to start from scratch, our complete bathroom renovations team can help you create the vision you want for your new bath area. We have everything you need, including top of the line faucets, premium wall systems, standardized bathtubs, moldings and Safeway Steps. Whether your desired remodel is cosmetic or practical, we have the high-quality products and service you need.

Mr. Dino’s Premium Wall Systems

We offer customers our exclusive premium wall system, which is a unique composite material intended for individuals who prefer a permanent and maintenance-free option, other than natural st one or granite in wet-wall bathroom applications. Our system is not only elegant, but also durable and lightweight. We offer it in a variety of colors for our high-resolution visual reproduction.

Mr. Dino’s Value Wall Systems

Our wall systems eliminate mold, mildew and scrubbing. We install our system right over your existing walls for quick, easy remodeling. We install a wall with no grout lines, boasting a non-porous wall to make your cleaning much easier. We offer a lifetime warranty, ensuring dependable quality.

Safeway Step

Need to update your tub or shower area for accessibility reasons? We use the Safeway Step to remodel baths, allowing for comfort and ease when exiting the tub area. Our installation is quick and easy, with no need for a brand new tub. We can cut specific measurements in your current tub when creating a Safeway Step, no matter what the material is!

Shower Bases

Mr. Dino’s provides a wide variety of high-quality shower pans or bases for your home. For older showers, we can replace any aging shower base with a new one that meets the same specifications. We are also available to fabricate custom pans for customers when needed. Our goal is to offer our clients the most affordable and accessible products, which is why all of our shower bases are non-slip and include securing features like built-in seats and customized sizes.

Shower Doors

We offer attractive doors to enclose your shower area, giving you the quality and durability you need. Our stock includes frame or frameless designs for both shower stalls and bath tubs. With superior standards, we aim to provide our customers with quality products and affordable prices. Whether you are looking for glass or framing options, we can custom shower doors to match any classical or contemporary style bathroom.

Walk-In Tubs

At Mr. Dino’s Baths, we can provide customers with a walk-in tub suited to their specific needs. We understand how frustrating it can be to struggle every time you try to take a bath. That’s why we offer an extensive list of walk-in tubs from air baths to standard bathtubs to whirlpool systems. If you are interested in renovating your bath area to include a walk-in tub, we have the products to help.


We offer a range of quality bidets, equipped with state of the art functions, new designs and convenient features. Our product is a new patented technology that can be added onto your existing toilet with minimal installation requirements. This product can offer a cleansing alternative to more traditional methods. For more information on our Supreme, Prestige or Premium products, contact us today.