Bathroom Remodeling Westminster, CO

Mr. Dino’s Baths is a trusted bathroom remodeling contractor operating in Colorado. For more than 50 years, we have refreshed and upgraded the bathrooms of clients in and around Westminster, CO. We work closely with our customers to give them the bathrooms they want and deserve.

Choose to Upgrade

You may not be happy with your bathroom because it is old and susceptible to mildew or it is cramped and inaccessible. Or, perhaps your bathroom is simply out of date and you want to bring it in line with modern trends. Whatever the reason may be, Mr. Dino’s Baths can help with your bathroom remodeling project. We will work with you to give you the bathroom of your dreams.

Create a Plan

Before beginning the remodeling project, we will discuss your needs and desires for the bathroom. We will estimate the amount of work that will be needed and provide you with a free quote. If you don’t know exactly what you want done in your bathroom, don’t worry; we are happy to suggest high-value upgrades and improvements for your bathroom.

Complete the Work

Our team of experienced technician will complete the gorgeous bathroom remodel you’ve always wanted. We will follow the designated timeline until you are satisfied with the outcome. We’ll finish the project quickly so that you can begin to use your brand-new bathroom.

Call us at 303-404-9800 to get a free quote for your bathroom remodeling project. We will discuss your needs and come up with a plan to give you a new, fresh bathroom. We serve clients in Westminster, CO, and the surrounding area.