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Don't Make These Bathroom Design Mistakes

Your bathroom should be a relaxing, comfortable, and accessible space for every member of your family. During a bathroom remodel, many changes that seem like a good idea on paper may end up negatively affecting the appeal of this room when you are done. Take your time when evaluating any bathroom remodeling ideas—and take a look at the bathroom design mistakes below to avoid them.

Putting the Toilet Front and Center

Although the toilet is the workhorse of your home's bathroom, it shouldn't be the first thing you see upon entering the room. While you can certainly upgrade your toilet to a luxury model that's easy on the eyes and comfortable to use, it still shouldn't be the focal point of your new bathroom. If possible, lay out your bathroom so that the toilet isn't readily visible from outside the room. One great option is to utilize a water closet design that improves the functionality of your bathroom by allowing one person access to the toilet while another showers or uses the sink.

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Mismatched Finishes

Although you may fall in love with the look of many different fixtures and finishes, in the end, it's important to go with a single style, color, or design motif in your bathroom. Mismatched finishes and fixtures create visual chaos that makes your bathroom feel unfinished and uninviting. Even if you don't want your tub, toilet, and sink to look exactly the same, keep them within the same color family for a cohesive look. Likewise, the finishes of your faucets, taps, and hardware should also match.

Ignoring Shutoff Valves

Water shutoff valves are essential to turn off the water to your toilet or sink during a plumbing emergency. If you are planning a bathroom remodel, make sure to replace your current shutoff valves with new ones—old or worn shutoff valves can immediately detract from the look of your newly-refinished bathroom.

These tips will get you started on your exciting Denver bathroom remodeling project! If you're still looking for additional ideas, tips, and inspirations, contact an experienced contractor for help.