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Converting a Tub to a Shower

Shower Conversion Denver

Are you looking to update your Denver bathroom for improved aesthetics, safety, or accessibility? Have you been dreaming of a spacious shower in your bathroom, but have no room to add one and keep the existing tub? One of the easiest, most cost-effective, and beneficial changes you can make during your bathroom renovation is converting the existing tub to a shower. This small change can have a big effect on the look and feel of your bathroom. Showers save space, create visual appeal, and are easily accessible by all. Even if you don't have room to install a shower door, there are many other design options to consider. Shower curtains, stationary panels, and curbless showers that create a welcoming and spa-like space without the use of a traditional door.

Converting your bathtub into a shower during your bathroom remodeling project can instantly update the appearance, safety, and usability of this essential room. Don't forget to consider adding luxury options such as stone-look tile, rainfall showerheads, and built-in shower seating!