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Can A Bathroom Remodel Increase Your Home's Value?

Complete Bathroom Remodel DenerOne of the key factors to consider before investing in a bathroom remodel is how the changes you make will affect the value of your home. While any updates to an outdated or uninviting bathroom will have a positive effect, some changes will increase your home's value more than others. Knowing the upgrades that will have the biggest impact on your home's usability and value will help you to make the best decisions during your renovation.

Evaluate Your Home

One of the most important factors to consider before you begin your bathroom remodel is your home and your neighborhood. Make changes that are in keeping with the style of your home and the appeal of your neighborhood. If you live in an area well-known for starter homes, making too many upgrades may actually cause your home to seem less appealing for first-time buyers. Alternatively, if your home is in a well-established neighborhood, turning your bathroom into an updated and luxurious spa setting will hold greater appeal when it's time to sell.

Choose Your Upgrades

Certain upgrades will have a bigger effect on your home's value than others. Master bathrooms with dual sinks are extremely popular because they offer extra space and functionality. Replace smaller sinks with deeper basins that provide plenty of room for washing and other tasks. Modern faucets with clean lines and brushed metal finishes are not only beautiful, but easy to clean as well. Make sure to match all of your fixtures, handles, towel bars, and other hardware to create a cohesive feeling in your bathroom. Other bathroom upgrades that will net you a big increase in home value include large walk-in showers with multiple showerheads and natural stone—or natural stone-look—tiles in tub and shower areas for added luxury.

Whether you make a many small changes or just a few large ones, a bathroom remodeling project can increase the value and comfort of your home. Features that improve the feel, aesthetics, and function of your space will hold appeal for your family now as well as any future homeowners.