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Tips for Choosing Your New Bathtub

If you want a new way to relax and enjoy the serenity of your bathroom, installing a new bathtub is a wonderful idea. Many people embarking on bathroom renovation projects will choose a new bathtub that accentuates the look of the room and makes relaxation easier. For tips on choosing your new bathtub, read this article.

Choose the Right Type of Tub

Think about the primary use for your bathtub, and let that guide you when making your selection. The standard tub is an excellent basic tub, while a whirlpool tub comes with therapeutic massage jets that are great for enjoying a long bath. An extra-deep soaking tub will allow you to completely submerge yourself in the water. You can even buy a walk-in tub if you are concerned about mobility.

Denver Bath Tub Renovation

Determine the Right Installation Method

There are many different ways to install a new bathtub. The alcove, also known as a recessed tub installation, is a popular way to place a rectangular tub against 3 walls. If the new bathtub is a whirlpool it can be installed on a platform, or installed using the undermount method. A charming way to emphasize the tub is to perform a freestanding installation, where the tub is just placed on its own on the bathroom floor.

Consider Materials

You will probably have a range of different materials to choose from for your new bathtub. Acrylic is a lightweight plastic that is easy to repair, and ideal for whirlpools and air tubs. Fiberglass gelcoat is less expensive than acrylic, but not as durable. Cultured marble is an attractive material, but keep in mind that scratches cannot be repaired. Cast iron is durable and heavy, so it offers great heat retention. But composite and porcelain on steel both offer the same heat retention while weighing only a third of what cast iron weighs.

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