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Getting to Know Your Bathroom Countertop Options

If you are planning a bathroom remodel, having a new bathroom countertop is a great way to increase both functionality and style. The style and material you choose for the bathroom counter will impact the design of the bathroom and how you will maintain countertops. Read this article for an overview of your bathroom countertop options.


Granite is one of the nicest materials you can have for a bathroom countertop, especially if you opt for granite slab. Granite is not only attractive and long lasting, but it also offers excellent resistance to stains. You can buy granite from a bathroom remodeling company for a great value, relative to how much it used to cost years ago. It's very easy to care for: Clean it with warm water and liquid detergent, and seal it every 6 to 12 months. Small scratches and chips can be polished out.

New Bathroom Countertops Tile

Tile is a wonderful material for a countertop if you want to add character and charm to the bathroom. The grout, however, needs to be cleaned regularly. Purchase larger tiles to reduce the number of grout lines and make your cleaning tasks much easier. You can also purchase a colored grout so that dirt doesn't show as easily.

Solid-Surface Materials

This is a very popular bathroom countertop material. Styled to look like natural stone, solid surface is a synthetic material that is very easy to maintain. This is an excellent option if you are concerned about mold or mildew growth.

Manufactured Quartz

Manufactured quartz is durable and easy to clean, and doesn't need to be sealed. Made to look like marble, limestone, or granite, manufactured quartz comes in a wide range of styles and thicknesses. Manufactured quartz is more effective at resisting stains and scratches than granite and other types of stone, as well.

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