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Upgrade with Accessible Bathroom Design Features

Accessibility in the bathroom provides both safety and comfort. Today's accessible bathroom features are designed for aesthetics as well as functionality, ensuring that you don't need to scrimp on style to enjoy the accessibility you need. If you are unsatisfied with your bathroom's current layout or aesthetics, consider adding one of these design features during your renovation:

Walk In Tub Denver Walk-In Tub

Walk-in bathtubs are available in a variety of styles and offer a range of options so you can choose exactly the right model for both your needs and stylistic preferences. Your new walk-in tub could feature a massage system, air bath system, or whirlpool jets. Other accessory options include built-in seats for comfort and non-slip flooring for safety. Walk-in tubs continue to increase in popularity because they are not only safer and more easily accessible for many individuals, but they are comfortable and stylish as well. A walk-in tub allows you to relax and bathe in comfort while also ensuring your safety when you enter and exit the bath.

Safeway Step

The Safeway Step system is ideal for smaller-scale bathroom remodels because it allows you to keep your existing tub. Alternatively, you can install a new standard bathtub in your bathroom during renovation while the Safeway Step system ensures the end result is accessible to one or more family members. To install the Safeway Step, your contractor will cut out a small piece of the standard tub to create an easy access point. This access point is sealed with the customized Safeway Tub Door to create a watertight bathing space after you have entered. The Safeway Step can be used in most standard tub types, including fiberglass, cast iron, and steel; installation typically takes less than one day.

If you're dreaming of a beautiful bathroom renovation in Denver that includes safety, comfort, and style, one of these accessibility options could be right for you. Whether you choose a new walk-in tub or consider adding a Safeway Step to a standard tub, these features ensure that bathing will become a pleasant and easy experience.