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Secrets for Keeping Your Toilet Bowl Clean

Bathroom Cleaning Tips Denver

Toilets account for most of the water usage in your bathroom, and comprise up to 30% of your Denver home's total water bill. Stubborn stains in a toilet bowl can detract from the look of your newly-renovated bathroom, but a little knowledge and the right tools can make these marks a thing of the past. The key to removing toilet stains is using the right products. Purchase a cleaner that contains diluted hydrochloric acid at your local hardware store. Use a toilet brush with nylon bristles to clean, as a wire brush can scratch the porcelain of your toilet bowl. Drain the toilet bowl of water before applying cleaner. Never combine bleach with an acidic cleaner—this can produce toxic fumes. Use rubber gloves and take care when scrubbing. Wipe up any splatters immediately with clean water to protect the rest of the tile and surfaces in your bathroom from excess cleaning solution.

After your Denver bathroom remodel, use these tips to keep your toilet looking like new. Don't neglect the rest of your bathroom—regular cleaning will keep your new counters, sinks, shower, and tub sparkling clean as well!