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Selecting and Using Colors for Your Bathroom Remodel

Whether your bathroom is falling apart or just needs to be updated, a remodeling project can breathe new life into your bathroom. While new faucets and specially ordered tile will certainly give your bathroom a fresh new look, don't underestimate the power of color. Here are some of our favorite tips for choosing the best colors to use in your new bathroom.

Pick Up a Color Wheel

To make sure that your color scheme works, pick up a color wheel from your local hardware store. Basically, colors that are across from each other are complementary, and colors that are next to each other are analogous. Complementary and analogous colors go well together, so you can be sure that your new bathroom will give off the right impression as long as you follow the color wheel.

Create a Bathroom Color Scheme

You have a few different options when creating your bathroom color scheme. If you want to use three colors, pick one neutral, one rich, and one accent color. To successfully pull off this color scheme, rely on a 70/20/10 distribution. In other words, use the lightest color for 70 percent of the room's décor, the second lightest for 20 percent, and the boldest for 10 percent. If you are using two neutral colors, such as gray and white, focus on a 70/30 distribution.

Think Beyond the Walls

No matter what colors or color scheme you choose for your remodeled bathroom, use each color at least three times in the room. There are plenty of ways to incorporate colors outside of painting the walls. You can add color in the form of towels, sink-side accents, or even a piece of furniture in the bathroom.

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